About this blog_______________

“What do I want to do with my life?!”

I started this blog to help me figure out how to answer this question. The scope of this question is so large that I had a lot of trouble with deciding whether or not his pursuit was even going to be coherent, let alone feasible, to put into a blog, but finally I’ve decided to take on this challenge.

If I were to describe the blog in one sentence, I’d say it is: A web of diverse topics

In writing this blog, I hope to do two things–

  • Get people to start thinking about improving themselves and about potential solutions to glaring deficits in our world. I’m a firm believer that significant change in society needs to begin with happier people who are more in touch with their own wants in life
  • Increase my focus on my goals.

The topics I post about reflect my multifaceted personality and interests, which is also why I named my blog: a professional dilettante.


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